Yarn Procurement:

AR TEXTILES  Procure Yarns directily from the spinning mills in the market to ensure the good quality of yarns. A strict quality control measures are maintained while purchasing the yarn and modern testing equipments where used to find out the quality of yarns to ensure the manufacturers faultiness yarn that meets international standard.

Dyeing : 
AR TEXTILES has its own dyeing cabinet at Pallipalayam in Erode, which had the infrastructure of dyeing capacity a minimum of 40 Kgs Lots to maximum 200 Kgs Lots, Both the Hank and Chess Dyeing is done in our own dyeing cabinet. The Total production of the units is  750 Bundles per Day.

Our company has also having facility of processing mills, which has the Infrastructure of 28 Jiggers, Mercerised finish, Calendering, starch finishing, Fabric bleaching, and Fabric dyeing. We are offering the above mentioned finishes from the sizes 40" to 110".

We have 15 Machine Dyeing and also manual dyeing with good colours fastness with Lab Reports.

Weaving :
AR TEXTILES providing the cotton textile products in both Hand Loom and Power Loom Weaving width ranging from 40” to 110”, Our current machinery consists of  500 Hand Loom and 250 Power Looms. Our quality of weaving machinery are Rutici, Rapiers and Air Jet Looms were used. Our one month production capacity is around 2,00,000 meters. Our strong Points in production are High Quality, On time Delivery, Flexibility and Quick response to Customer orders.

Fabric Checking : 
Checking of the Fabrics and Made ups done in the manufacturing site by skilled checkers and quality control chart in maintained to control defects in further productions. Quality fabrics are delivered to stitching time bound manner in our uniqueness. A High standard quality of fabrics and made ups are ensured through our perfect checking system.

Stitching :
Stitching of made-ups done in domestic stitching units which are equipped with manual and power operated sewing Machines ranging 200 to 250 are used. Perfect Sizes are maintained for the made-ups to ensure the quality by maintaining proper quality Control techniques. Quality threads were used for stitching the Made-ups to ensure the good Quality of the Stitching.

Packing :
Packing has been taken care very much, a separate department has been there To taken over the packing. A separate packing manger with his skilled packing workers doing The packing at minimum time is our strength. Packing are made according to the Customers Specifications like Inserts Covers, Stifner, Plastic Hangers, Normal Poly bag  Packing.


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